Deputy director of studies

Moving from bottom to top of the Paragona school: First we have the canteen, where the doctors are having breakfast, lunch and dinner. And where we sometimes have a common event like f.ex. the Swedish Lucia procession done by the Polish doctors last christmas. Then on the first floor we have an office and classrooms. In the classrooms there are multimedia facilities, so we can show internet TV, presentations, DVD movies, and play audio for listening exercises.
The classrooms are furthermore decorated to create national atmospheres – like f.ex. the Danish classroom on the first floor where there are postcards, posters and a calendar – visual effects to help create a “little Denmark” in Warsaw. On the first floor one of the classrooms is weekly used for Yoga training for the doctors, some physical exercise is good to ease all the mental work with the new language.
Moving to the second floor we have also an office, classrooms – and a computerroom with internet access and headset. This room is used both in the teaching and for the doctor’s use in between breaks f.ex. On the second floor is right now the Norwegian classes and the Swedish classes.

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