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Joanna, teacher on norwegian course

It was a week where everybody were a little nervous, because of the test, we teachers were also nervous – we wanted the best for the doctors. But it all went well. The day after they were all tired and not quite as active as usual, but this was only that day. We had two mornings with Ingvild the medical student, and that was really good – the doctors were talking a lot and practicing their medical norwegian, and she think she liked it as well, it was also a good experience for her.


Luiza, norwegian course

We had the final written test this week, it was a tough day, but I have a good feeling about it, it was not too difficult, but it was not too easy either. In the evening we went for a beer in a nearby café, I think we deserved it. Now we are looking ahead to our last week here on campus – and especially the final oral test which is on thursday, we are preparing for that


Søren, deputy director

It was a little more quiet here than usual, the Swedish group is in Sweden for a family trip to meet their employers, see the hospitals, see the city and housing opportunities – all in all to get a glimpse of their new life 🙂

The norwegian group finishes their course next week. They had the final written test and next week they will have the final oral test. They are doing great on the course, and are still motivated to learn. This week we had a guest teacher – a norwegian last-year student on the medical university of Warsaw doing morning conferences with our doctors. Two mornings they talked about patients, treatments, status etc.

Today I am teaching Danish for a new group of candidates for Scandinavia, they will have two lessons of Danish and it´s quite funny to see alway how shocked they look when hearing and speaking their first Danish words – but eventually if they join the course they will learn, it´s only about hard work and good teachers and a good plan


Swedish classroom

The Swedish classroom having a break while the doctors are on visit one week in Sweden…


Kasia, campus manager

I got my car back this week, from the service, and I am finally reunited with my lovely car. Besides it was a week with some registration work – for the doctors going to Sweden to work. I help with stay permits and so on. And we are planning their coming one-week trip to Sweden where they are visiting their future workplaces, the hospitals, and seeing the towns they are going to live in. It’s a family trip, and I am booking plane tickets and arranging pick-ups etc.



Bogna, doctor on Swedish course

This week we saw a fabulous Swedish movie called “Tzatziki”. A very nice surprice this Tuesday was that we for supper had great pancakes – they are a favorite here.

Quite busy week, we learned a lot and the weekend is welcome, so all the new words can settle 🙂

Next week we are going out  to a jazz club to celebrate being in the middle of the course.


Agneta, Swedish teacher

This week we were all quite tired in the end, teachers and doctors have been working very hard in common. The doctors learnt many new things, widened their vocabulary and learnt about perfektum participium in grammar.

Each doctor also told about a specific disease and a treatment for this disease, of course in Swedish… Informative for us teachers!

 This weeks movie was “Tzatziki”.


Agneta, Swedish teacher

I just came back to teach. I think they know a lot more now than when I left them in December. We have to work hard together before they go to Sweden.


Bogna, doctor on swedish course

This week was also very intensive. Still we were doing a lot of listening activities. After the classes we watched Swedish TV in the evenings. This week we saw “Selma” and a movie about a Swedish doctor working in Stocholm.

We also had a surprise – Agneta, the Swedish teacher came back to teach us again. As usually we finish with Friday test.


Magda, Swedish teacher

The passing week has been quite tough. Lots of new vocabulary! Grammar, on the other hand, was relatively easy. We’ve also had new great presentations about medical equipment and a violent discussion on diet for patients with osteoporosis. Everything in Swedish:))

A warm welcome to Agneta who’s back to teach our doctors for a couple of weeks. A night at Warsaw’s best jazz club next week sounds promising!