Søren, deputy director

It was a little more quiet here than usual, the Swedish group is in Sweden for a family trip to meet their employers, see the hospitals, see the city and housing opportunities – all in all to get a glimpse of their new life 🙂

The norwegian group finishes their course next week. They had the final written test and next week they will have the final oral test. They are doing great on the course, and are still motivated to learn. This week we had a guest teacher – a norwegian last-year student on the medical university of Warsaw doing morning conferences with our doctors. Two mornings they talked about patients, treatments, status etc.

Today I am teaching Danish for a new group of candidates for Scandinavia, they will have two lessons of Danish and it´s quite funny to see alway how shocked they look when hearing and speaking their first Danish words – but eventually if they join the course they will learn, it´s only about hard work and good teachers and a good plan

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