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Søren, Director of Studies

On the balcony of the Danish classroom new pigeons are coming to life while the doctors are learning Danish…


Søren, Director of Studies

Friday afternoon, and the doctors left for a weekend-break. I am preparing the last details for the Norwegian group who will start on monday. They have been learning online before they start, and as part of that they had Skype talks with one of our Norwegian teachers. She is impressed with what they already learned, so I am excited to meet them on monday. The Danish group had a good start, and they are nice people, open, positive, motivated. Wednesday we went to the cinema in the centre to see a new Danish movie – with polish subtitles. Frygtelig Lykkelig – Terribly Happy – and as the doctors said – the movie was ‘ambitious’, food for thoughts.


Aneta, teacher on the Danish course

We started the Danish course this monday. It was really nice to meet all the students and the other teacher, Sylwia.
It is surprising how much the students have learned during just one week. Today we had a test and it went really good. We start again on monday :)


Catharina, Chief Educational Advisor

A lot of grammar this week. We just left the verbs and went bowling in Sadyba.

Ala, the general practician had 3 strikes!