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A visit from the Norwegian embassy


Yesterday we had visit from a nice woman from the Norwegian embassy. She met our doctors the first time in Warszawa a week ago at a social event where they were with our teacher. They started speaking together (in Norwegian of course), and she was invited to our campus. She is originally from Stavanger, and she speaks with the specific Stavanger dialect, which was good training for our doctors. The Norwegian group had a very good – and hard – time speaking with her for hours after only 10 weeks of training here on campus.

One more Swedish group….


One more Swedish group has left campus and is now preparing to go to Sweden and work. They are 3 doctors and 3 dentists from Rumania, Lithuania and Hungary. They all passed the medium-level language test last week, and in 1-2 weeks they are moving to Sweden and will start to work part-time (80%) while they continue language training online with our teachers.

It was a pleasant group to have on campus. We celebrated together with them on New Years Eve here in Warsaw.