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Stavanger, Norway


We received this picture from a doctor who recently went to work in Norway. She writes that all is good, but there are many new and different things. The nature is fantastic, the organization of the healthcare is quite different, and the early autumn is a bit depressing. She needs time to adjust to everything from language to mentality and culture, and she expects some tough months, but also exciting months. All in all she is in a good mood.

Norwegian course day 1


We asked the teacher, Oliwia, how she experienced the first day

First day on the Norwegian course


First day on the Norwegian course. They had online lessons before coming here, and today they start the campus course. The teacher is explaining some doctors about the essay that they should write within the next 30 minutes: Tell about yourself, your family and how you live…

Our language courses are intense


Our language courses are intense, with a quick progress, and the end-goal is of course crucial: To work as a fully functional doctor in a Scandinavian hospital. So it’s important that the doctors on our courses can learn a language within our training model.

This is a short glimpse from our screening process that includes a trial lesson: A doctor is learning basic Danish for 2 hours. In the soundclip you hear the beginning of the lesson.

The Swedish course started


The Swedish course started today, and our teachers are introducing the course. This is part of the group listening to Catharina who tells about details of the course – including how we also teach the medical Swedish.