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Paragona in Budapest


We just came back from 3 days in Budapest. We were attending the Career Days where we met many doctors who were interested in hearing about job opportunities in Scandinavia, Germany and France.

We also had a mapping day, where we had invited 25 doctors to our mobile assessment center. We told about current offers and assessed all candidates from different perspectives, to match the hospital’s expectations and requirements.

One of our new colleagues came from Stockholm to experience the days and she tells us here her impression of the mapping day.


Vilda fåglar / wild birds


A look and listen into the Swedish classrooom last week. After 4 weeks of intensive training, they are now watching real Swedish TV news as part of the training.

The exercise is to watch, listen and then give a brief, general summary of the news clip. The news clip on the sound file is about vilda fåglar.