My life has changed a lot …

Dear Agnieszka,
My life has changed a lot, because I have a lot of free time.
Working conditions (in Norway) are much better than in Lithuania (…)
The most challenging thing is the language. Not because I was supposed to speak Norwegian, but also because I have to know Swedish and Danish and most of the people include both of these languages while they speak, plus there is the dialect, which is slightly different from what I have been learning in Poland.
Foreign language was not easy to learn, but I have been studying, preparing myself before the lessons. Now I always watch Norwegian television and I have ordered Norwegian newspapers, which I read constantly.
By the way, I would like to say that I could recommend Paragona to anyone, the way you have prepared us to the life in Norway is amazing, everything has been thought about and what Paragona is doing is on very high level. It does not matter how hard it is to adapt to a foreign life, Paragona has nothing to do about it, because it is a personal matter. Paragona thought about every single detail and that is a thing which I always will be thankful about.

Thank you,

(Email from the internal medicine specialist recruited by Paragona in 2011)

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