Interview with the doctor recruited by Paragona to Sweden in 2011.

How has your life changed after moving to Sweden?

Balint: Those who knew me from the language training in Warsaw may remember that I had sleeping problem. Now, I do not have this problem at all -something that hasn’t happened to me for 33 years. I am able to plan my life – it is very important to know what tomorrow will bring me .

How do you estimate the standard of living in your home country and in Sweden?

B: Different. Better. People here are smiling and kind. Maybe because the feeling of safety and security, better economy, or the amount of free time they can enjoy here.

What was the most challenging for you after moving abroad?

B: Being without friends. It is difficult to make new friends here but we were lucky with our neighbors and co-workers because they are kind and friendly. I still miss my Hungarian friends but fortunately we can use internet and Skype to communicate.

How do you cope with the foreign language in the new country?

B: At work, there is no problem but in everyday life can be a little difficult. It’s easy for me to chat with the others but if you want to buy or sign something I must be prepared separately.

How has your family adapted to the life in Sweden?

B: I’m lucky because my wife is incredible. She has got a job after three months and speaks good Swedish. She has made friends from work and from the language course and lives a social life. Life in Sweden is easy to get used to if you want to. I have completely different hobbies than in Hungary, but it fits better here. For example, I could never imagine running without the ball but something is here in the air that makes me unable to sit quietly at home and watch TV. Strange 🙂

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