Interview with the internist recruited by Paragona to Sweden in 2009

How has your life changed after moving to Sweden?

Doctor: I think we got new challanges with the removal to abroad, which is very stimulating and also satisfying. The fact that we can work in a foreign country in a new language is a very positiv experience. We got an opportunity to mix elements of the new culture and preserve the old ones from our tradition. We have much more time for each other with my husband, we can reach the nearest forest in 10-15 minutes. We ride bicyckle to the work and tried to paddle kayak and skiing and hike as often as we have time. I tried to bake bread which is very popular here.

How do you estimate the standard of living in your home country and in Sweden?

D: Our living standard became higher and it is not only true regarding the monthly salary but the prospects of our lives. One of the best things is to have right to 5 weeks holiday which was unknown for us in Hungary.

What was the most challenging for you after moving abroad?

D: The most challenging thing was to me to learn how people handle things in the hospital and in the authorities.

How do you cope with the foreign language in the new country?

D: I think we speak the language quite well, but I think we can be better every time a bit and this is why we have to improve it. I would like to take a C1 exam probably next year. I think Paragona gave a very good language course for us in Warsaw.

How has your family adapted to the life in Sweden?

D: I live here with my husband and we both like very much to live here. We live in a smaller town very close to the nature. He could start the language school which was an intensive one with the help of Catharina (Paragona launguage teacher). He got first a so called practic place to work and after that he could continue to work on the same place as an IT consult. We got quite a good help from the local office of unemployment (Arbetsförmedlingen). He has opportunity to improve his knowledge in IT permanently. Since he works mainly in English it is a bit more difficult for him not to forget Swedish and this is why he is to start a new language course from september just to improve his Swedish.

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