Interview with Dalia recruited by Paragona to Sweden in 2011

How has your life changed after moving to Sweden?

Dalia: Sweden is not so far from Lithuania, where my family and my parents live. I visit them every month. My life became more secure, I have many opportunities to work while learning Swedish culture. I am glad that I have many nice colleagues!

How do you estimate the standard of living in your home country and in Sweden?

D: I have lived here in Sweden for almost nine months. I can not say that I had experienced any culture shock. But the Swedes are more calm. They work a lot, but they know how to have fun in life. It’s really important, I think. I learn to enjoy my life.

What was the most challenging for you after moving abroad?

D: When I moved to Sweden, my stuff came too late. My neighbor (she’s Swedish) helped me so much at that time! I was surprised. Additionally, she taught me a lot of Swedish and “smålandska”. She taught me to bake Swedish buns and a variety of stuff in the kitchen. We still hang out.

How do you cope with the foreign language in the new country?

D: Paragona has brilliant teachers and they know how to teach us Swedish in just three and a half months. It was not that difficult to learn later. I had passed my exam B2 before. My hospital paid for B + and C1 Swedish course too. I have talked a lot with colleagues and friends. I have read Stieg Larsson’s “Millennium” trilogy in Swedish and some other books. Swedish radio also helps a lot. I am very satisfied with learning.

How has your family adapted to the life in Sweden?

D: My parents are old and it is a bit complicated for them to move to Sweden. But my family is very happy and we help each other. I think a person should have ambitions and motivation, and then he or she can do it all!

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