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Happy Holidays, Everyone!


The new year will be very busy for Paragona. Our Campus staff is getting ready for the next Norwegian and Swedish language courses that will start in January. In February there will be a Danish course for different specialist doctors willing to relocate to Denmark. Good luck to all our doctors!

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Email from Denmark


Our life in Denmark is very well, everything is going according to our plans. I earn well and have bought a new car. We do not have major economic problems.
I have been able to get a new specialization during only one-year stay, I’m very happy about it.
The system in Denmark is fair, everyone has the same opportunity as a Dane, we are very pleased with the “official system”; There is not so much bureaucracy comparing to Hungary.
The greatest challenge was the language of course, but the first year I developed myself a lot. Danes are always surprised when they learn that I have been in Denmark for only 2 years and not longer. I do not have significant language problems now, and my patients are happy for me and happy with my Danish: sometimes they even say that.
The second challenge was the “hospital workflow” which is very different than in Hungary; it is much more organized. But once a doctors learns the system, it is easy to work throughout the country. Me and my family have moved from Nordjylland to Fyn after a year, and I got used to my new job quickly.
My family is also doing well. My son started school this year, he attends language class and he enjoys it; he speaks Danish very well. (…) My husband goes to language school and applies for work.
We just love Denmark for lovely towns, ports and the nature.
It was a really nice experience to learn Danish with Paragona!

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