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Psychiatrist from Lithuania on her new experience in Norway


My life changed completely, in terms of both lifestyle and work quality. I appreciate it and I discover new surprising opportunities. In Norway, I do a lot of things I’ve never done in my life. But, perhaps, the most important thing is that I am very happy with my job, very high quality of the entire system, well trained and helpful team, great wages and working hours.
In Norway the standard of living is completely different and much higher. I had to get used to it, it was not so easy in the beginning.
I was very concerned because of the new language. I have to admit it was not easy at first. Luckily my language level is pretty well, I could understand most of the conversations. But it took time to start talking. It is very important in psychiatry to keep talking, and I still feel that the language deficiency bothers me, but not as dramatic as it had been before. I must understand not only the dialect, but also Danish and Swedish because there are many Danish and Swedish doctors and psychologists working here. But this is probably an individual experience in relation to language. Everyone is very patient and understanding around me and helps me a lot.
Nevertheless, I am grateful for language development and for general opportunity to change my life in this way; this is what makes Paragona amazing!

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