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Testimonial of the neurologist who has moved to Norway


Our lives have changed a lot, in all possible ways. We had to start a new life, which was a real challenge for us. My wife is learning Norwegian now, my daughter speaks Norwegian very well, even with the local dialect.
My work routines are more predictable than in Hungary, but one must occasionally work fairly independently, often completely alone. I have much more free time than before, and can devote more time to my family.
Currently I am supporting the family, but my salary is enough for 3 people, we can save some money. Prices are much higher than in Hungary, but their value is significantly higher. Here in Namsos there are the opportunities to thrive, despite the fact that this is a small town with 10,000 residents. The standard of living is much higher than in a city of similar size in Hungary.
The dialects were the biggest challenges at work. At first I had great difficulty understanding people because of the dialect but everyone knew me. Now it’s much better.
For me it’s not the weather that is difficult but it is a dark period between November and February. The sun comes up late and goes down early. I’m not used to it yet.
Apart from small difficulties, I currently have no problems with the language. The people are very patient and repeat what they are saying if I ask for it.
My family thrives very well and is accustomed to the new country. We have never regretted that we moved to Norway.

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