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Marco, a psychiatrist from Italy


We are constantly receiving positive feedback from the doctors who had relocated to Scandinavia and the UK with Paragona’s support. We are happy to share their testimonials.

“My experience with Paragona has been fantastic. I decided to move to Sweden with my wife and a colleague during our residency period in Italy. When we finished the residency period in November 2019, we moved directly to Paragona Campus in Poland. Campus structures are new and well equipped, the apartments are comfortable and it is possible to reach Warsaw city centre in 20-30 minutes.

The course was very intensive and effective, in fact I learned the new language under a period of few months. Every teacher is very nice and capable! Paragona staff supported us with all bureaucratic issues also after we moved to Sweden.Furthermore Paragona staff was remarkably supportive to help us during the COVID-crisis (we moved to Sweden in March 2020). They did everything is possible (and more!) to help us during so extraordinary difficult period.

I’m very, very happy that I’ve chosen Paragona to move to Sweden because of their experience, professionalism and humanity. It was a pleasure to learn the language with them and I always remember my time period at the Campus with joy.”

Marco, a psychiatrist from Italy

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