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Best support from all the people from Paragona


“I am very grateful not only for this job opportunity and for the help to reach the required level of language, but also to all of the Paragona team, to all awesome ladies, secretaries, teachers – they all were very helpful.

As for the language course in Piaseczno, it was run in brand new facilities, with accommodation and classrooms that were fully equipped for intensive language learning and study. The accommodation was cozy and practical, good enough also to have some rest in the evening after a busy day.

Over six hours of language training daily, I had it practically with my two personal Norwegian teachers, so it was very intensive and very useful. I also remember good lunches every day, with a possibility to choose vegetarian food, one of the best in my life. So, my intensive Norwegian language course went without problems with the best support from all the people from Paragona, but first of all I have to thank my Norwegian teacher Magdalena, always very professional and prepared to help.”

Karel, general surgeon from Czech Republic, in Norway since 2019

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