Thanks to Paragona I was able to pass OET exam this year

“To be honest, I wasn´t happy I had to spend almost three months on the campus before starting my new career in the UK. How wrong I was! I found my English not good enough to start without intensive learning and soon I became more than happy to be there.

The team of teachers was absolutely amazing! Helpful, motivating, ready to help, understanding our different needs and social background, however, tough in order to get us ready to pursue our new career as smoothly as possible.

Moreover, as a GP, I couldn´t imagine to process all necessary documents for the GMC registration, searching for new accommodation, relocate family and much, much more. For everything mentioned there were ladies with outstanding approach, able to sort out every problem.

Although all this mentioned happened “ages ago”, I´ve been still in warm touch with them and thanks to them I was able to pass OET exam this year.”

Dalibor, GP from Czech Republic, relocated to the UK in 2019

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