I’m very glad that I chose Paragona

“I had a great experience with Paragona staff! I decided to move to Sweden with my husband in winter 2019 when we were about to finish the residency program. Everyone was very helpful and professional from the beginning and it was noticeable that they have a lot of experience in recruitment and replacement of doctors. I didn’t have to worry about anything and could focus only on following their program and learning the language. Paragona’s campus is brand new, 30 minutes from Warsaw and the apartments are very comfortable. The language program is very intense, but when I moved to Sweden I could speak and understand the language that was absolutely new for me. Teachers are very nice and qualified and It was a pleasure to learn from them. When I decided to work abroad as psychiatrist, I was very worried that I would not be able to communicate with my patients in a good way, but within only 9 months I achieved C1 level in Swedish without problems. Paragona’s staff also helped my family to find the first accommodation in Sweden which is something very difficult in the big cities. Moreover, we needed to move in March 2020, during the Covid-lockdown and the staff did everything possible to help us despite the situation. They were available, flexible and supportive 24/7 during the crisis that was affecting everyone.

Once we moved to Sweden they kept on helping us with all the required documents to obtain the legitimation and mediated the communication with the institutions until everything was cleared. I’m very glad that I chose Paragona and I highly recommend them to every medical doctor who is interested into moving abroad.”

Chiara S., a psychiatrist from Italy

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