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Language Training, geared towards professional, medical language and the typical situations to be confronted in the new work environment. Special emphasis is placed on preparing you for good communication with patients and colleagues

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St. Lucia’s Day on the campus


One of the biggest celebrations in Sweden is St. Lucia’s Day! Today we are celebrating it on Paragona campus with our doctors! Happy St. Lucia’s Day to All!

St Lucia

Paragona in Sweden


Paragona team with a group of family doctors visited several healthcare centres in Stockholm area. The doctors were very impressed with the modern equipment, working conditions and hospitality of the clinics’ representatives. In the evenings we all enjoyed touring the charming cities and trying some Swedish traditional treats.
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September 2007


Heart-warming memories:  September 2007, Paragona team celebrating with our recruits and their families getting ready to make their step into a new life in Scandinavia. 10 years later many of them are still in touch with us. We are very happy and proud that they trusted us and made us able to assist them along their life-changing journey.


Find better work-life balance in Scandinavia!


dog sweApply today for our open job positions in Sweden. For more details register here http://www.paragona.com/healthcare-jobseekers/registration/ or send us an email info@paragona.com


Find Your Work-Life Balance


One factor that significantly influences how employees feel about work is the environment and the relationship with co-workers and supervisors, organizational culture, room for personal development, etc. We are looking for specialist doctors to work in Scandinavia, France and the UK. Register here for details: http://www.paragona.com/healthcare-jobseekers/registration/

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Busy Summer on the campus


Busy Summer for the Paragona language teachers. Currently there are over 30 specialist doctors learning Scandinavian languages and having English training with us, on-line and stationary. A group of 15 GPs is leaving now our campus to start their new careers in Lincolnshire, UK. We are also preparing a brand new recruitment project  for Family doctors / GPs and Psychiatrists in Stockholm area. The group will consist of around 20 doctors. Our regular Norwegian and Swedish courses will start in August and September. Paragona team will assure that the doctors will feel on the campus like home.  SWE 07 2017

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New recruitment project on our campus


Live and work in the heart of Sweden! Stockholm area. Highest salary. We are preparing totally new project for specialists in Family Medicine / GPs! Interviews at the clinics are planned for September! Apply today:http://www.paragona.com/healthcare-jobseekers/registration/ or send us an email at info@paragona.com


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Paragona online and stationary language courses


Currently there are over 30 specialist doctors on Paragona online and stationary language courses. There is a group of family doctors who are about to start their career in the UK. There are also two, Norwegian and Swedish courses. Meanwhile, we are preparing our campus for the next Fall semester. We are expecting one Norwegian and one English groups of specialist doctors, and two Swedish groups , mainly family doctors/ general practitioners and psychiatrists. This time most of them will be working in Stockholm and Goteborg areas.

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Greetings from Norway


One of our doctors who moved to Norway over a year ago has sent her greetings from Trondheim. We fell in love in these beautiful views! Check out our current offers for doctors from Scandinavia here http://www.paragona.com/healthcare-jobseekers/current-offers-and-news/


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