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10 doctors arrived


Today 10 doctors arrived from 5 different countries in the Central Europe, and we have our first doctor from Greece. They are of course all excited and thinking about when they can actually start to work in Sweden. We asked Catharina, a very experienced course planner and one of the teachers on this course.

A mapping for drivers to England


Yesterday on campus there was a mapping for drivers to England. We recruit drivers and train them. Marek from our company Paracross was here to do the mapping. He told a litte about what he was doing…

Farewell dinner


New Europe around the table in Warsaw: On the farewell dinner for 2 groups last week there were doctors going to Norway and Sweden, coming from Hungary, Poland, Rumania, Bulgaria, Lithuania. There were teachers from Poland and Sweden, and the director of studies is from Denmark. He tried his best to speak and understand Norwegian and Swedish.

This week on campus


A radiologist from Bulgaria is practicing the specific radiology language before going to Norway.

Getting ready for the next Swedish course, starting in 3 weeks.