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Krisztián – the best teacher for young doctors


We are proud to announce that one of our recent doctors from Hungary has won a prize for the best teacher for young doctors. He was recruited and trained on Paragona Campus in 2012.

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Translation by Paragona:

This year’s AT- supervisor appointed in Linköping and Motala
[ 2013-11-20 ]

Martin Frisén and Krisztián Csatari have been voted this year’s supervisors of interns in Linköping and Motala. Martin Frisén is a specialist physician in the emergency department at the University Hospital in Linköping. Krisztián Csatari is a specialist doctor in the medical specialist clinic at Motala Hospital.

Interns in Linköping and Motala have been involved in the vote.

– I’m very happy about the award. It means a lot because it shows that the AT- doctors are satisfied with their time here in the emergency department, says Martin Frisén.

– The award is a big surprise and it`s fun to get feedback on my work as a tutor, says Krisztián Csatari.

To feel important and independent
Krisztián Csatari is a specialist in internal medicine and usually works as a dagbakjour (day back up doctor) at Motala Hospital. Here he meets many resident doctors and interns and tutoring is included in the daily work.

– I try to delegate work to the students so that they receive broad skills and learn to take initiative. It`s important to develop independence because the interns will then be able to take over night backup duties in the emergency room. I’ll be around to ask and discuss with.

Since Martin Frisén began as a doctor at the University Hospital in Linköping in 2003, he has met interns in supervisory situations.

– My best qualities as a tutor, I think, is that I get the interns to feel important and independent and that I treat them with respect. I encourage them to make their own decisions, even if I’m around to discuss with.

Three months in the ER
AT- doctors work three months in the emergency room and may do most of medical care. The supervisor is present, while the interns take their own patients.

– Nowadays do AT doctors receive a two-week-introduction which gives them a smoother start. With this both job satisfaction and patient safety has increased, says Martin Frisén.

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