Living in Sweden



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Medical English Course for NHS England just started!


The first batch of our GPs arrived on our campus and started their training. They will start working in England in April. We wish them all the best during Paragona training!

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Meanwhile on our campus


Here is our candidate’s feedback on Paragona campus experience.


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Holiday Greetings


Paragona team would like to wish You and Your family Happy Holiday Season and prosperous New Year!pocztowka_paragona-int

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So impressive!


Open House on Paragona Campus! Yesterday the Swedish representatives visited our doctors participating our current Swedish language course. For the first time they were able to communicate with each other in Swedish.


Our Croatian doctor on her experience in Sweden


What an exciting day!


Today we welcomed our Norwegian group. Our doctors came from Croatia, Greece, Lithuania and Poland! After 3,5 months on our campus they will start working in Levanger, Mo i Rana and Mosjoen. Wishing them best of luck!

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Impression of a Polish neurologist after the interview in Skovde


A fragment of the email to Agnieszka, Paragona Recruiter:

Dear Agnieszka,

Thank you very much. No other employer, perhaps even no one in my life had devoted me as much time and attention as they did in Sweden. Surprisingly nice four hours, which showed me, that work could be so well organized. Even in the ER you could feel the atmosphere of peace and security, no one was upset, no one shouted. Anyway, I’m not surprised now, the Swedes are so punctual, thanks to their peace of mind the space-time increases. For my part, I will make every possible effort to learn the language and work the best way I can. Thank you very much Ms. Agnieszka for everything.
Skovde… spectacular region. Swedes are amazing that they don’t change nor improve the nature, only adapt to it. Once again thank you so much.

Our famous nurses



Skane newspaper wrote about Paragona nurses:

Polska sköterskor lyckad lösning


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Open House on Paragona Campus in Warsaw


Today we are welcoming the representatives of the Swedish hospitals and clinics. They came to visit the specialist doctors and dentists on our current Swedish language course. Our candidates are showing off their learning progress and speak Swedish with them!