Very professional, excellent teachers


Paragona has been an awesome experience for me because, when I was contacted by them, I had a lot of doubts. However, since I arrived at the Campus in Poland, everything changed. They are a fantastic supportive team, who not only will teach you the language, but also they will help you with all kinds of issues before you relocate abroad. Very professional, excellent teachers and human being quality. Thanks a lot forever.

Luis C. G., family doctor from Spain

Psychiatrists job openings at the University Hospital in Stavanger


There is a unique job offer for psychiatry specialists that appeared on the medical market lately.

The University Hospital in Stavanger, Norway, has been known for its great conditions and excellent results for years. This well-managed health care provider cares for its doctors and patients, offering a comforting and friendly environment. With its 7 500 employees, it is one of the biggest hospitals in Norway. Apart from the main location, it also runs a few local centres, providing 330 000 patients with health care services. The yearly budget of the hospital is 5 milliards NOK. As a research centre, the hospital implements both commercial projects and cooperates with Stavanger Health Research (Stavanger Helseforskning) and Hjertelaget Research Foundation.

A doctor in Norway works 40 hours per week and every five years is eligible for a 4-month paid sabbatical. The cost of any training courses and conferences are covered by the employer. As a university hospital, the hospital in Stavanger also offers research opportunities.

Psychiatrists in Norway are able to both gain and expand professional experience. The hospital provides health care services for approximately 10 000 patients yearly: children and adolescents, adults, elderly and psychiatric patients. Regardless of the diagnosis – anxiety, depression, eating disorders psychosis or any other disorders – the hospital values modern treatment methods as well as treating patients at the early stage.

The Norwegian salaries are among the highest in Europe. The average psychiatrist gross salary in Norway is 1.841.941 NOK (over 180 000 euro) or an equivalent hourly rate of 886 NOK (87 euro). In addition, they earn an average bonus of 76.441 NOK (7 500 euro). A senior level psychiatrist (8+ years of experience) earns an of 2.366.661 NOK annually (ca. 19,400 euros gross per month). In this case, to say that a doctor is a millionaire is not an overstatement – it is a reality. On top of that, psychiatry doctors are lucky to enjoy the benefits of an attractive retirement plan.

To relocate to a new country is never easy. That is why Stavanger’s hospital, searching for child and adolescent psychiatrists (including last-year resident doctors), has chosen a unique recruitment path. The recruitment services are delivered by the recruitment company Paragona (, which has years of experience in international recruitment of healthcare professionals. Paragona has led over 1 200 doctor families through the advanced and protective recruitment process.

What does the recruitment process look like? If both parties say „yes” after the job interview, the doctor signs a conditional contract of employment with a necessary condition to take part and graduate Paragona’s preparatory training. The company offers a language and adaptation course before the relocation to Norway. A Norwegian language course takes 3 months and is conducted mostly on-line with one month’s residential course at the language campus located close to Warsaw. The course also includes elements of cultural and professional adaptation (training in medical law). During the language training, the doctor is supported in relocation process, including a search of the flat as well as schooling for children. The course is free of charge. During the language training all participants receive a scholarship to support their families. Each doctor receives extensive support based on their particular needs. Paragona offers a language course with individual supervision, helps with applying for a licence to practise, looks for a school for your kid, a flat or a house and even supports you with relocating your beloved family pets.

Let’s have a closer look at the doctors’ future workplace. Stavanger is Norway’s most cosmopolitan city. The world’s leading oil companies have their offices there to supervise their petroleum extraction in the North Sea. Statements about Norway’s harsh climate do not really apply to Stavanger, as it has a rather mild or, to be precise, warm temperate maritime climate.

Norway is exceptional in many ways. It is one of the world’s wealthiest and also happiest countries. For many years, it has reached top positions of the UN’s World Happiness Report, which collects data from nearly 100 countries. Norway has come first in the rankings of the best places to live, for instance in the United Nations‘ Human Development Index. It has one of the longest life expectancies: 80,6 years for men and 84,2 for women. According to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, Norway has one of the world’s highest per capita incomes.

Norway has an extended public sector and thus, relatively high taxes. On the other hand, health care, social services and education are financed from public funds. 32,9% of the Norwegians hold a higher education degree. Norway is known for its effective equality policy.

On top of all this, you cannot forget about the stunning nature and Norwegian friluftsliv tradition, living close to nature. You can confidently say that Norway is one of the world’s best places to live.

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We learned Swedish with the highest efficiency


“We both came to Paragona with our young children and lived on campus for several months. Paragona found a great kindergarten for the kids and gave us a parking space and an apartment that was cleaned regularly by cleaners. We could go to the gym, swimming pool, had some parties, and many other activities. All the staff were very nice and professional. We felt safe there, and we got to know many nice people. Our teachers were wonderful and during that time we learned Swedish with the highest efficiency.”

Spomenka, a radiologist and Tihomir Z., Croatia


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I’m very glad that I chose Paragona


“I had a great experience with Paragona staff! I decided to move to Sweden with my husband in winter 2019 when we were about to finish the residency program. Everyone was very helpful and professional from the beginning and it was noticeable that they have a lot of experience in recruitment and replacement of doctors. I didn’t have to worry about anything and could focus only on following their program and learning the language. Paragona’s campus is brand new, 30 minutes from Warsaw and the apartments are very comfortable. The language program is very intense, but when I moved to Sweden I could speak and understand the language that was absolutely new for me. Teachers are very nice and qualified and It was a pleasure to learn from them. When I decided to work abroad as psychiatrist, I was very worried that I would not be able to communicate with my patients in a good way, but within only 9 months I achieved C1 level in Swedish without problems. Paragona’s staff also helped my family to find the first accommodation in Sweden which is something very difficult in the big cities. Moreover, we needed to move in March 2020, during the Covid-lockdown and the staff did everything possible to help us despite the situation. They were available, flexible and supportive 24/7 during the crisis that was affecting everyone.

Once we moved to Sweden they kept on helping us with all the required documents to obtain the legitimation and mediated the communication with the institutions until everything was cleared. I’m very glad that I chose Paragona and I highly recommend them to every medical doctor who is interested into moving abroad.”

Chiara S., a psychiatrist from Italy

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Om du funderar på att kolla dina karriärmöjligheter i Sverige och lära dig svenska välj Paragona!


One of our favourite couples from Lithuania, Ramunė (a nurse) and Tadas (an oncology doctor), has sent their feedback in Swedish! 💪We are proud of both and wishing them only the Best in Sweden🇸🇪🇸🇪

”Vi är väldigt glada över att vi har fått en möjlighet att lära oss svenska med Paragona. Vi är mycket nöjda både med kvaliteten på själva kursen och med hela teamet som arbetar där. Att lära sig ett helt nytt språk har verkligen inte varit lätt, men det är verkligen möjligt om du har ett mål och strävar efter det. Paragona team hjälpte oss att nå detta mål. Om du funderar på att kolla dina karriärmöjligheter i Sverige och lära dig svenska välj Paragona!”

Translation: „We are very happy that we have had an opportunity to learn Swedish with Paragona. We are very satisfied both with the quality of the course itself and with the whole team who work there. Learning a whole new language has certainly not been easy, but it is really possible if you have a goal and strive for it. The Paragona team helped us reach this goal. If you are thinking of checking out your career opportunities in Sweden and learning Swedish, choose Paragona!”

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Thanks to Paragona I was able to pass OET exam this year


“To be honest, I wasn´t happy I had to spend almost three months on the campus before starting my new career in the UK. How wrong I was! I found my English not good enough to start without intensive learning and soon I became more than happy to be there.

The team of teachers was absolutely amazing! Helpful, motivating, ready to help, understanding our different needs and social background, however, tough in order to get us ready to pursue our new career as smoothly as possible.

Moreover, as a GP, I couldn´t imagine to process all necessary documents for the GMC registration, searching for new accommodation, relocate family and much, much more. For everything mentioned there were ladies with outstanding approach, able to sort out every problem.

Although all this mentioned happened “ages ago”, I´ve been still in warm touch with them and thanks to them I was able to pass OET exam this year.”

Dalibor, GP from Czech Republic, relocated to the UK in 2019

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I can only recommend Paragona


“It is not easy when you are almost 50 years old to decide to move to a new country, but it is not really the most difficult. The most difficult thing, and you also panic, is the thought that you need to learn a language that is completely new and unknown. But fortunately, Paragona offers several opportunities and tries to meet each student’s needs.

Of course the course was intense and required a lot of work and commitment but all the teachers were fantastic and supportive! I am really grateful to all the teachers for their patience. They have done a fantastic job in a very short time, I think.

In addition to teachers, the entire Paragona team is fantastic and they literally help with everything (documents, flow, accommodation and everything else). In summary, my experience with Paragona is wonderful and can only recommend them to anyone considering moving and working abroad!”

Domagoj, Radiologist from Croatia, in Sweden since 2019.

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Best support from all the people from Paragona


“I am very grateful not only for this job opportunity and for the help to reach the required level of language, but also to all of the Paragona team, to all awesome ladies, secretaries, teachers – they all were very helpful.

As for the language course in Piaseczno, it was run in brand new facilities, with accommodation and classrooms that were fully equipped for intensive language learning and study. The accommodation was cozy and practical, good enough also to have some rest in the evening after a busy day.

Over six hours of language training daily, I had it practically with my two personal Norwegian teachers, so it was very intensive and very useful. I also remember good lunches every day, with a possibility to choose vegetarian food, one of the best in my life. So, my intensive Norwegian language course went without problems with the best support from all the people from Paragona, but first of all I have to thank my Norwegian teacher Magdalena, always very professional and prepared to help.”

Karel, general surgeon from Czech Republic, in Norway since 2019

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Marco, a psychiatrist from Italy


We are constantly receiving positive feedback from the doctors who had relocated to Scandinavia and the UK with Paragona’s support. We are happy to share their testimonials.

“My experience with Paragona has been fantastic. I decided to move to Sweden with my wife and a colleague during our residency period in Italy. When we finished the residency period in November 2019, we moved directly to Paragona Campus in Poland. Campus structures are new and well equipped, the apartments are comfortable and it is possible to reach Warsaw city centre in 20-30 minutes.

The course was very intensive and effective, in fact I learned the new language under a period of few months. Every teacher is very nice and capable! Paragona staff supported us with all bureaucratic issues also after we moved to Sweden.Furthermore Paragona staff was remarkably supportive to help us during the COVID-crisis (we moved to Sweden in March 2020). They did everything is possible (and more!) to help us during so extraordinary difficult period.

I’m very, very happy that I’ve chosen Paragona to move to Sweden because of their experience, professionalism and humanity. It was a pleasure to learn the language with them and I always remember my time period at the Campus with joy.”

Marco, a psychiatrist from Italy

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Dr Amat, a Spanish psychiatrist recruited by Paragona to Gothenburg in 2014



AMAT CALSINA FERRER, a Spanish psychiatrist recruited to Sahlgrenska University Hospital (SU) in Gothenburg in 2014

What has taking your career to Sweden and SU meant for you?

For me it has been a step forward in my career as I have been given opportunities to explore a new culture and way of working. SU has offered me the opportunity to develop together with competent and pleasant colleagues.

At SU, do you have the opportunity to subspecialize and obtain specialist competence or pursue research in parallel with your clinical work?

I feel that there are good opportunities to develop at SU through sub-specialization or research. For me it’s important to be able to combine my clinical work in an inpatient ward in a research position, and the plan is that I am soon going to start with research one day per week together with other colleagues. Managers and the management in general provide strong support and have a clear interest in ensuring there are good conditions for research.

Have you had a difficulty adapting to a new management and organizational culture?

It has been easy to adapt to the management culture since we work in a similar way in Spain. What I have come across that is different is the equality between the different professions.

Did you receive enough support during your introduction period?

When you arrive in a new country you need all the support you can get, and I feel that I did. You feel like your brain is in overdrive at first, as there is so much to learn all at once (a new language, a new computer system, new colleagues, a new home…). I think it’s important, despite all the support, to remind yourself that you can’t learn everything right away, and to try to give yourself time.

Do you feel your Swedish language skills are sufficient when meeting patients?

Learning Swedish has gone relatively well – it was a lot quicker than what I thought before I moved here. At the beginning I took part in a programme that consisted of a few months’ introduction (the PLUS programme*), which helped me to improve and to feel comfortable with the language and the work in Swedish healthcare. Of course I made some hilarious misinterpretations in the beginning, but you have to be generous with that. It’s always been important to me not to be afraid to ask colleagues if I don’t understand a sentence or a word, and to let them correct me. After just over 3 years I am still learning new words all the time.

What would be your advice to other doctors thinking about taking their careers to Sweden? 

The most important thing for me is that you have decided to see a different way of working, and to learn new or different working methods. This is a process that takes time, and it’s important to use the time to be able to get used to the new system and society, while at the same time working hard on the language. Personally I feel that there are so many advantages to it that I’m happy to recommend the adventure.

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