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Life on campus


Warsaw is sunny and very warm today – 30 celcius. And it’s a busy day on campus: A new Swedish group just started, 9 people sweating together with the teacher. A Swedish group is finishing: They have a medical law seminar (second day) and tomorrow they have a big language test. And then off to Sweden to work and learn more Swedish for the next 3 months. They work 75% and learn 25% of the time – with our teachers. After three months they can work full time. It’s a proven model – works good!


Asia, doctor on the Danish course

For me it’s hard to believe, but I have only been here for 5 weeks now. I came with my boyfriend, we are going together to Aalborg in Denmark. For a long time we wanted to go to Scandinavia, I have family in Sweden, and I visited them often.

We are living together with another from the course, and we live 3 minutes from the school.

I have never in my life studied so hard, but I am satisfied with myself.


Søren, Director of Studies


A little Swedish corner in Budapest where we had a day of intensive Swedish lessons for Hungarian doctors..